Survey Sees Massive Community Response

22 June 2020

Mackenzie District Council is praising the community after a massive response to the Mackenzie Community Survey earlier this year.

The survey was carried out from 16 January to 16 February 2020 and had a total of 759 responses. Its purpose was to get a high-level understanding of the how the community feels about the district. More specifically, it asked three main questions of residents, ratepayers and visitors:

1. What one thing do you like the most about the district?

2. What one thing would you most like to see changed about the district?

3. Looking ahead, what is the one thing you would like the Mackenzie District to be known for in the future?

The responses have been analysed and loaded into an online interactive platform that allows the results to be investigated by a range of demographic markers. These results are now publicly available here.

CEO Suzette van Aswegen is delighted with the strong response to the survey. "To have received 759 responses as part of this process is a fantastic result. It is by no means a surprise to see we have such a passionate and engaged community, and all of the information received will help us shape the future of our District."

"We've also put together an online interactive tool to help the community understand the main themes appearing in the survey responses, which gives them the ability to dissect the results by things such as age, gender, location and relationship with the District."

"While some of the results come as no surprise, such as the fact that almost everyone loves the amazing scenery and natural environment, there are other things that certainly warrant further investigation."

"There's obviously room for improvement for Council, and this survey lays that out in plain sight. We're not shying away from this and that's why we're sharing the results with our community. We hope that this will start a wider conversation about the future of the District, and we look forward to having that discussion over the coming months."

The results will help form part of the evidence used as part of a spatial planning project that will be

launched shortly, and will ultimately will inform the District Plan Review. Three spatial plans will be

developed for Fairlie, Tekapo and Twizel that will help shape how the towns grow over the next 30

years and beyond.

Further community engagement is being planned as part of this process and details are expected to

be announced for opportunities for communities to get involved over the next few weeks.

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