Twizel Green Space Strategy



Last year Council undertook  consultation for rezoning in Twizel and as part of this process attempted to rationalise some of the reserves through Twizel that were not  considered significant.  In response to this there were numerous submissions against these proposals asserting that these areas were part of highly valued greenway networks.

Council’s planners have made some recommendations as to a way forward and they include:
1. Council to develop a management plan for existing green areas in terms of their maintenance and improvements. That costing of the proposed maintenance and improvements be made available to ratepayers so that informed and appropriate decisions can be made on the level of maintenance and improvements.

2. That a green strategy for the whole of Twizel be developed which focuses on the providing open space for passive and active purposes and provides linkages within the township for non-motorised movement. This strategy would form the basis of structure plans for new areas to be developed for residential or industrial purposes.

3. That until structure plans are developed or at least a green strategic plan is developed existing "Recreation P" areas not be rezoned.

The Twizel Community Board has taken on board the Council's recommendation and are developing a Green Areas Strategy for the Township.  The Board feels it has gone as far as it can without further feed-back from the Twizel Community



 Overview map



Description - all the green alleyways that link the streets in the main part of town.

In developing a strategy for the alleyways we need to first recognise the value they are to the town. The alleyways are a popular way of walking to the centre of town from the outer edge. They are used day and night and are seen as a safe way for kids to walk and bike to school.

Development and maintenance of these areas - need to look at the following:
1. The pathways:  The idea of centering the pathway to the middle and removing the concrete paths, that are becoming a safety problem form tree roots, is a good one and will be safer for people walking around some of the blind corners at the moment.

2. Chain Fence:  We should look at maybe tidying up these fences in the future.

3. Lighting.  With reconstructing the footpaths in the alleyway, it is proposed that we install some ground lighting. These lights would have to be tough to avoid vandalism. 
4.  Maintenance: The alleyways need a high standard of maintenance which should include tree pruning, tree replacement and regular grass mowing.

5. Watering:  Regular watering of the grass is needed in these alleyways.

6.Green linkage: The Alleyways also play a big part in the Green Arteries plan as they are the starting link for people to walk and bike to the larger walkways that are proposed to surround the town.

7.Time Frame: this work could be done over a period of years once a plan is in place.



Description : This area is the land out at the front of the town bordering the main road and stretching from Glen Lyon Road to the south entrance to the town near the MCI.  This area is very important as it is the front door or gateway to the town.

Development: A professional  landscape plan  is needed for this area, including planting replacement trees, as many of the  pines are diseased and are coming to the end of their life. Any landscape plan would need some input from the Frizz Be Golf Club.

Lawns: To be kept to a high standard with regular watering and mowing.

Time frame: New planting should probably should start soon, so that replacement trees are well established before any trees are removed in the future.

Linkages: This area provides green linkage to the DOC walkways that head down the Twizel river and the tracks north of the town that head out to the Pukaki River. Also, to the green-belt walkway at the back of Jollie Road and to the walkways to the south.


Description: This area is the land from Nun's Veil to the Main Road bordering the back of the houses on Jollie Road and Glen Lyon Road.

This area is well used by people walking & biking, and kids playing.

Developing a plan for this area may also need the help of a professional.

The tree belt has already had some work done to remove diseased trees and this has made a mess. The other pines in this tree belt also need to be removed and replanted with better looking trees that don’t grow so high. The plan is also to move the fence back off Glen Lyon Road, making a strip of grass the same width as the opposite side of the road creating an avenue look to Glen Lyon Road with trees both sides. Now is the time to do this, between the tree felling and replanting. The plan is to fell all the pine trees then look at all the remaining trees and keep as many of them as possible.

Keeping most of the more attractive trees will provide some shelter to that part of the town until the new trees grow up. Doing all this work in one hit would save money, as each job would be done only once (eg: pull down the fence, fell the trees, clean up the mess, fence, and replant.) Most of these trees could be sold standing to a firewood merchant. The large area of stumps would be removed and sown in grass and groups of specimen trees planted.

Maintenance: Grass areas to regularly mown.  Planting of specimen trees in some of the grass areas will further enhance this reserve.

Green linkage: This area provides links to the main road green area to Twizel River to the north and the proposed green way from Nun's Veil to North West Arch.

Time Frame: This is the first area in the strategy that should be implemented and should be started ASAP as there is still a mess to clean up.


Description: This area is the land from Nun's Veil though to North West Arch and bordering the back of the houses on Tekapo Drive, Glencairn Road and Glen Lyon Road to the north.

This area is the most challenging. It is a large area of land and is in close proximity to the large river reserve. It is used, but would be used a lot more if access was improved and rough ground conditions (e.g. long grass, wilding pines, ditches and piles of dirt and rubbish) were tidied up. A large number of ratepayers that look to the north onto this land are present in this area and it is important to ensure they have some sort of green space to look out on to.  The area is bordered on by a large number of north facing properties.  It is felt they should continue to enjoy a spacious outlook.

The plan is to sell some of this land which would reduce the burden on rates to maintain this large area.

The challenge is to come up with a compromise that suits most people. 

The development plan for this area would be to develop a 50m strip of land around the back of Tekapo Drive, Glencairn Road and North West Arch properties that boundary the Pony Club. This would form the basis for a green linkage from Nun's Veil though to the North West Arch and Mackenzie Drive. The strip would come out onto Glen Lyon Road in front of the camping ground.

Large Properties (4000sqm) or more would be sold along Glen Lyon Road. Their road boundary would be moved back to accommodate a grass verge the same width as the other side of the road. This would give an avenue look up as far as the cemetery (the same as intended for the bottom part of Glen Lyon Road).

These properties should have a governance placed on them to provide a tree belt along their south boundary, to replace the town shelter belt.

Property would also be sold along the north side of the 50m strip at the top end of the land (known as the Pony Club), behind the Wine Club and the Busbridges. These properties would be 4000sqm or bigger.

The Cemetery would have land set aside to make it four times as big in the future.

Some land could be sold to neighbouring properties on the west side of the Pony Club leaving a large green area in the middle. Some of this land is future land for the cemetery and could be used for horses in the meantime.

Maintenance: Tthe grass may only need mowing once or twice a year with weed control annually.
Green Linkages: This area provides linkages from Nun's Veil through to North West Arch, around to Mackenzie Drive, from the alleyways through to the river, and possible linkage from the river walkway, though the Wine Club if we can negotiate it.

This top end of the North West Arch also provides linkage though to any new subpision to the west of the Town.

Timeframe: This area needs the funding issues worked though so that after any land sales, the Community Board is not left with the cost of the development of the Green Space land to a standard that can be maintained easily.  This would include moving the drainage ditch to the south boundary of the properties along Glen Lyon Road. Each area would be treated as separate when considering funding from land sales.

Once the funding issues are sorted, this area can start to be developed straight away. It could be developed in two stages.


Description: This area is described as the land west of North West Arch including the tree belt and from the north end of Glen Lyon Road though to the Ohau Road. 

This area is well used by walkers, mountain bikers, people walking dogs and joggers.

It has already had a lot of input by volunteers and past Community Board members cleaning up the wilding pine problem.

Development and management: We need to keep up this work but also look at the planting of specimen trees with great autumn colours. Water would be needed to get them going and this could be achieved by snaking a pipe though this walkway and having trickle irrigation.

Weed control needs to happen annually.

The tree belt also needs a long term plan to remove wilding pines.

We need to look at the long term control of grass and wilding pines to reduce the fire risk.

Possible options are:
1. Grazing.
2. Removing rocks so it can be mowed quickly.


Green Linkage: This area links in with the River Walkway and Nuns Veil to NWA walkways to the north and the walkways to the lake and up onto Man Made Hill to the south. There is also a link though to Rhoboro Road.

Future Development to the west can be linked into this walkway.

Timeframe: This work can be ongoing and another working-bee will be needed this spring. Planting of trees and pipe insulation should be looked at in the next financial year.


Description: This is the land between Rata Road, Totara Drive and the south end of North West Arch.

The history of this land is that it was set a side for the development of Ski Village Development.

Development. The plan is to develop most of this land into a housing subpision. Given the history of always going to be developed and it’s closeness to the centre of Town, it is a logical place to develop into new housing. As this land is south of most properties, it is not obstructing ratepayers view to the north. (Res 1 sections with bigger 2000 sqm sections along NWA Road with larger 4000sqm section on the south side of NWA.)

Development of green linkage’s would be a part of this plan and properties along Rata Road that have a view to the north west would have green space to look out onto.

The development of these green areas would fall on to the developers.  The developers would also pay a reserve contribution and with approximately 100 sections to be sold, a large increase in rates would also occur, from which the community will benefit.

Management of these greenways would then be handed over to the Community. And the standard in the Res 1 area would be high but not so high to the back of the NWA.

Green linkages - there would be greenway links from Ohau Road into the subpision and linkage out to the back of the NWA. If possible, it would be good to get a link into the alleyway between Rata and Totara Roads.

Timeframe - if ratepayers are happy with this plan, it can go ahead and be placed on the market with green space conditions attached.


Description - this area is from the main road up to the land opposite the wine club, it bounders the Twizel River and then the Fraser River and is on the river side of properties along Glen Lyon Road. It also includes the area across the junction of the two rivers.

Although a lot of this land is still to be handed over to Community Board control,
it is still a good idea to plan for it now.

Development. This area has huge potential. It could be used for a range activities (mountain biking, BMX, walking, picnicking, fishing, swimming) and more.

Development can be centered on these activities, by creating a network of Mountain Bike tracks and a BMX track. Some areas could be planted into native bush.  This needs the input of the local community to come up with the ideas.

Some form of ‘friends of reserve’ or possibly a trust could take on this area and come up with a plan, source funding and do the work.  This group should report back to the Community Board from time to time.

Management of this area could be then handed over to a group such as above, but in the meantime, the good work of tiding up the broom needs to be continued. As a way of controlling the broom some of the large flats could be worked up and sown down in pasture for a hay crop. This could be sold as standing hay and cut before Christmas leaving large grassy flats. This would not only control the broom but keep the fire risk down and also generate some funds that can go into development.

Green linkage - this area provides a link from the main road up the river and out onto Glen Lyon Road where it then links in to the NWA walkway and the walkway though the Pony club.

There is also lots of links back into Town

Timeframe - to start any development would be held up in the meantime with hand over of land. But if it is decided that a friends group could take on this area then they should start electing a committee and start making a plan.


Description - this area is the land on the north side of Lake Ruataniwha and runs from the main road to Ohau A Power Station, excluding the land owned by the Camping ground and the south Island Rowing - it also bounders the road.

Development. This area also has huge potential and is used for a range of activities; including all the water sport from swimming to boating. The lake comes under its own rules, and we need to focus on the land use.

The area has a large boat-free area from the land in front of the camping ground around to the point. This land is full of people over the summer, picnicking and swimming with kids playing on the swings. Other parts of the shoreline are used for water skiing groups that are parked up for the day.

Development should be centred on these activities with a plan to improve things for the users of this area.

The plan could include cutting out more small clearings around the lake shore, more swings and slides, planting more specimen trees for shade.

Natives could be planted around the boat ramps on the west side of the Rowing Club land and up to Ohau A.

There could be a large area in the middle of the trees cut out for holding concerts.

Another area that needs to be addressed is the use of community land by the camping ground. In summer, the reserve land below the camping ground is used by the camp ground owners, and charged out to campers. We need to come to some sort of mutual agreement with the camp owners. If one can not be reached, then this area should be fenced off from the camp.

A mountain bike track and walkway could be created 20m in from the lake shore in the places where there is lots of activity and closer on some of the quieter shoreline.

Management of this area could be handed over to a group similar to the River Reserve.
Someone from South Island Rowing should be part of this group.

Funds from the possible lease of land to the camping ground and concerts could be put back into the area.

The wilding pines are a big problem in this Reserve and a plan of control needs to be part of the plan.

Green links - this area is linked to the town by the walk/bike track along Ostler Road and the plan is to cut a track down the hill opposite the T intersection this would then link in with the track around the lake to the rowing start line. Where this track comes out onto the start car park, the plan would be to cut it back up onto the top of the terrace. This track would continue east, crossing the road and linking up with a possible track in from the main road and head back into town and connect with the green space area known as The Main Road.

There is also access along the 20m Queens Chain though the rowing area up to Ohau A.

Time Frame - the track down the hill needs to go ahead asap.

Once it is agreed that a group can take on this area and a group is formed then they can start planning, sourcing funding and starting the project. 



The vision for this strategy is to link all the existing walkways, alleyways, green belts, green spaces, Lake Ruataniwha, the Twizel River Reserve, and DoC tracks (close to town) within  a network of green arteries.  This will provide a system of passive, non-motorized, linkages around Twizel.  From the heart of town outwards.

The aim is to, wherever possible, have them totally separate from roads, making it a safe and quiet option for running, walking or biking in and around Twizel.

A map of these green arteries can then be developed and used as a guide for all users.

A plan/map can also easily be referred to for future town planning, especially for areas on the outskirts of Twizel, which ideally should link with the existing network of green arteries.

There are huge benefits for Twizel both socially and economically from developing a walkway system, whereby residents and visitors can enjoy getting out and about and exercising.  A well planned system would contribute to Twizel being a great place to live or visit, which will have an economical spin off for our town.
(Hammer Springs is well known for their mountain bike tracks.  They are a great attraction for their town.)

An Overall Description of the Green Artery Network

Twizel already has some popular walkways that are a real asset to the town.  The plan is to add to this good work.

Starting with the alleyway system that takes you from the heart of town to the surrounding streets and out to the larger walkways/bike tracks that circle the outskirts of Twizel. This was part of the Radburn Plan on which Twizel was formed…
…the plan is to extend and add to the existing walking track around Twizel. And make two walkways/bikeways or circuits around town. The original marked track forms the bases of the first circuit.

The first circuit starting out by the main road going north, would take you around the back of Jollie Road, across Nun-Veil Road and enter the proposed walkway at the back of Tekapo Drive.  Then continue up to and along through the back of the NWA. Up onto the top of man made hill, along to the lookout, then down the other side and out to Ostler Road.  Finally past the driving range and mini golf back and back out to the main road.

The second much larger circuit, also starting by the main road heading north, would cross Glen Lyon Road near the main road intersection, go over the bank and enter the gate into the River Reserve. The track goes up through the river reserve and out onto Glen Lyon Road. The trail then continues up Glen Lyon Road to NWA, through the backtracks to Ohau Road and heads south. From here you head up a proposed track though the trees that cover the pile of material removed to form the hole for the old dump, down off the end and join the track that heads out to Lake Ruataniwha along the side of Ostler Road. The trail then Crosses Max Smith Drive and goes down the hill via a new proposed cutting, heads east along the side of Lake Ruataniwha, and comes out at the car park at the start line of the rowing course. It is proposed to cut another track back up to the top of the terrace which would keep walkers and bikers away from the traffic at the rowing start line.  The track would then continue east, crossing Max Smiths Drive by the intersection into the rowing start. It would continue eastward to join a proposed track just off the main road and back to the start by the main entrance to Twizel.

DoC Tracks- DoC has developed some great tracks that can be accessed from Twizel. These tracks are becoming very popular, especially the new track which goes down the Twizel River and back up the Ohau River. These need to be included in the map and as well as any future tracks close to Town.

Development of this plan will take shape as each of the green spaces are developed. There are parts of the track around the larger circuit that are out side of the green space areas and they will need developing separately i.e.: the track up though the trees next to the old dump and the track next to the main road. Some of this work could be carried out by having a working bee.

We hope that future developers would buy into this concept and also plan how they can link in and enhance the Green Artery Plan.

Maintenance - Most of the maintenance would be part of the inpidual areas the green arteries pass though. But overall once the tracks are in place there would very little maintenance. Damage from motorbikes may be a problem and would need policing.

Now is the best time to agree on a strategy that will help make Twizel a very special place. 


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