Resource Management

What the Council does.

The Council's Resource Management services are designed to deliver environmental outcomes that meet the District's expectations and administer compliance with the District Plan. The Council is responsible for the preparation and production of a District Plan in accordance with its obligations under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Services Provided

  • The achievement of environmental outcomes that meet the District's expectations.
  • Administration of the District Plan, ensuring compliance with the Resource Management Act 1991. " promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources."
  • The establishment of a monitoring strategy that will evaluate the success of the District Plan in achieving anticipated environmental results.
  • The processing of variations to the Operative District Plan.

Community Plans

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National Policy Statements

National policy statements are instruments promulgated under the RMA to provide national direction to local government on significant matters. Section 75 of the RMA requires the Mackenzie District Plan to give effect to national policy statements. There are four operative National Policy Statements, three of which are relevant for the Mackenzie District. The fourth is the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement, which does not apply in the district.

National Environmental Standards

The government has set a number of standards called ‘national environmental standards’. These are regulations issued under sections 43 and 44 of the Resource Management Act and apply nationally. Each Council must enforce them.

NESs can prescribe technical standards, methods or other requirements for environmental matters. The current standards cover air quality, sources of human drinking water,telecommunications facilities, electricity transmission, and assessing and managing contaminants in soil to protect human health.These can be found on the Ministry for the Environment’s website at

Regional Policy Statement

Section 75 of the RMA requires the Mackenzie District Plan to give effect to the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement. This can be accessed on Environment Canterbury’s website at


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